Annual Maintenance Contracts

Money is precious, we save it for you

AC Maintenance & Services

Even more important are the benefits for health

AC Coil Cleaning

Most of your AC’s coils are hidden away inside the unit, making it difficult to effectively access and clean them yourself. That’s why cleaning the AC coils is a job that’s best left to the professionals at KNOX.

AC Duct Cleaning

We use state of the art purpose-built AC duct cleaning equipment ... not a vacuum cleaner!


Safety first - leave it to the experts. All our electricians are appropriately qualified.


We can meet all your small plumbing repair needs!


Fitting a door or window properly, requires skill and experience


Bricking your Dreams


We spread the paint. You spread the word

Pest Control

We also offer advice on how to avoid attracting pests, and can provide a regular maintenance programme for severe cases.

Cleaning Services

We’ll clean so you have time to dream

Facilities Management

One stop solution for all your problems

Landscape Works

can provide expert advice on the appropriate plants, grass, bushes and trees that would flourish in your garden.


We’ll be a sensation for you next renovation

Swimming pool works

Care and attention it deserves.

Snagging services

We see what you won’t

Bathroom Renovation

Bathtub Replacement

Tiling Works

Heater Replacement

Glass Partitions Works

Shower Mixer

Villa Extension

Best Waterproofing UAE - Knox