Snagging services

We see what you won’t

One of the best experiences and happiest moments in life is moving to your newly-built home. However, your smile might suddenly turn into a smirk once you spot any minor defects or “snags” caused by poor equipment or workmanship. If you are caught up in this kind of scenario, the best way to deal with it is to itemise those facts and report them immediately to the house builder. However, that can be a time-consuming ordeal. This is why nothing beats hiring a specialist like Knox that knows the ins and outs of snagging and inspection.


Is this your first time to encounter a snagging problem? We understand how important it is to have some knowledge about it to ensure that you will receive the topnotch service that you deserve. Our guide below will provide you with all the information you need.


Snag—What is It?

This pertains to a minor issue or defect that remains in your property after the completion of the building work. Basically, it’s something that is broken or damaged, looks unfinished, or not fitted properly. To have a concrete idea of what it really is, imagine a missing hinge on the door or a visible scratch on the window.

A snag is often a cosmetic issue, but more serious problems can arise such as kitchen fixtures and cracks that are not fitted properly.


We offer an in depth analysis and visual inspection to find out all the snags in the villa or apartment prior to hand over, Move in or Move out. In this way you will have that peace of mind that you are taking over, moving in or moving out of your premises with no defects.

Snagging services