Welcome to KNOX Technical Services LLC! 


Welcome to KNOX — one of the leading residential and commercial maintenance companies in the Emirate of Dubai offering A-Z property maintenance services! 


We pride ourselves in being one of the most reliable service providers who are working tirelessly to make life easy for property owners. To achieve this, we've brought everything to your fingertips. Whether you're a residential property owner or a commercial property manager, you can reach out to us at any hour of the day and get your maintenance requirements met for the most reasonable prices. 


Rely on professional expertise


With years of experience in both residential and commercial property maintenance, our team brings its unique expertise on the table. From routine inspections to emergency repairs, we have the knowledge and skills to keep your property in top condition. Whether you need plumbing, electrical work, or general repairs, we offer a wide range of services to meet all your property maintenance needs. In addition, we save you valuable time and money. You can rely on us to handle everything efficiently and cost-effectively.


Reliable support at your fingertips


Well-maintained properties not only look better but also bring in higher resale or rental amounts. By investing in our maintenance services, you invest in the long-term value of your property. You can count on us to be there when you need us. Our team is available to address any queries or emergencies promptly, ensuring peace of mind 24/7. 


Custom solutions by a licensed firm


We understand and acknowledge the fact that every property is unique and tailor our maintenance services to suit your specific needs and budget. Rest assured that you're outsourcing these services from a reputable company that is fully licensed and adhered to industry standards and regulations.


We support your sustainability efforts


Our team prioritizes eco-friendly practices whenever possible. We use sustainable materials and techniques to minimize our and your property's environmental footprint while maintaining it. We understand why it is important to take care of the environment and have designed our electrical and mechanical  maintenance services accordingly. For instance, we prefer metal parts over plastic ones for repairs. By choosing us, you're not only maintaining your property but also contributing to a more sustainable future. 


To know more about our offerings, contact us at our TOLL FREE: 800 – KNOX (5669) and learn more about how our property maintenance services can benefit you!

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