Why is AC coil cleaning so important?

Why is AC coil cleaning so important?

Jun 29, 2024 in Blogs

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The air condition systems play a key role in keeping our workplaces and homes cool during the scorching heat of Dubai. Just as all machines require care and maintenance, air conditioning systems also require maintenance. The air conditioning system functions optimally only if they are properly maintained. One crucial aspect of air conditioning maintenance that often remains neglected is coil cleaning. Please note that AC coil cleaning should be done on a priority basis. 


Each component of AC should be properly maintained 


The coil is an important part of the air conditioning system, and it should be cleaned on a regular basis. Use the AC coil cleaning Dubai service because this task should be handled by experts. The heat from the indoor air is absorbed by the evaporator coil, and then it is the condenser coil that releases heat in the outdoor environment. With the passage of time, the coils become dirty and clogged with debris. The efficiency of the AC system is compromised, and several problems originate when the coil is clogged or dirty. Modern AC systems work through a heat exchange process, and as a result, a comfortable indoor environment is created.


The performance of the air conditioning system is affected by dirty AC coils 


Diary AC coils can affect the performance of the system and also affect the indoor air quality. The dirty AC coils also adversely affect the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner. Grime, dirt, dust, flying debris can get coated on the coil and the transfer of the heat gets hindered. As a result, the cooling output gets reduced, and the cooling cycles become longer. The comfort gets compromised due to this inefficiency, and it results in enhanced energy consumption. Moreover, this also increases the utility bills. 


Moreover, dirty AC coils also contribute to diminishing the indoor air quality. When dirt and debris accumulate on coils, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, allergens and mold. When the air conditioning system is operated, these contaminants get circulated throughout the space. There is a big possibility that these contaminants cause allergies as well as respiratory problems.


What are the benefits of regular AC coil cleaning Dubai service?


  • The cooling performance and capacity of the AC system is improved considerably 
  • Effective heat exchange that allows air to cool in a much better way 
  • Faster cooling means reduced strain on the system 
  • Comfortable indoor environment
  • More energy efficiency
  • System operates at optimal efficiency if the coils are clean
  • Reduction in the energy bill 
  • Effective reduction in the circulation of the contaminants 
  • A healthier living and working environment 


Signs that indicate that the AC coil needs to be cleaned 


  • Significant reduction in cooling output
  • Frequent breakdown and malfunctioning of the AC system
  • Strange odor, any unpleasant smell that comes out of the air-conditioning system. It is due to the accumulation of mold and bacteria


Please note that DIY cleaning is never effective, and you must call a professional AC coil cleaning expert who makes use of special tools to deliver optimal results. The professional experts take precautions and avoid any potential damage to the AC unit. Whether you are searching for an AC coil cleaning service or AC compressor replacement Dubai service, ensure that the system is serviced by an expert technician who has complete information about the anatomy of the machine.