How to Detect your Circuit Tripping/ Circuit Break Down problems

How to Detect your Circuit Tripping/ Circuit Break Down problems

May 03, 2023 in Blogs

circuit tripping/ circuit break down

Suddenly it's A power cut and you don’t know how it happened, leave alone what to do? It must have happened even before but you could notice the signs! Maybe you were using too many appliances at one point of time? Slowly and gradually the wires started burning and there was an electrical storm, or you had suddenly faced some faulty wiring. Whatever it was, we are sure it’s happened at least once to you, and it’s pretty frustrating, right? A circuit breaker controls everything on the circuit inside the electrical panel. From appliances to light fixtures, home necessities to entertainment, and especially your communication including wifi and the devices that need charging. However, just like electronic gadgets,  circuit breakers can go bad.  If you can catch this early, it may not be so expensive to handle later. 


Most of the time we find the electrical panel, and reset the circuit breaker. It trips again once a high-voltage appliance is switched on. What are you supposed to do now? At this point, you need to identify the root cause of the problem and this can be done by a professional technical services handyman.

First, it’s best to understand what breakers are for? Their job is to limit the amount of current flowing on a circuit so that it doesn’t exceed the level. It is measured in Amps. Breakers trip if too much energy flows through a circuit. Breakers are very durable, so there are fewer chances of circuit tripping, but if you don’t see some common issues then you definitely consult an electrician or a handyman.


Detect these signs and get your circuit repaired before it breaks:

1. Flickering Lights

We have often noticed, while we are busy working, lights flicker in between for a few seconds and then back to normal.  These can be annoying or amusing, but, in reality, they are a warning that there is something wrong with the circuit.

This could be the wiring at the light bulb or switch, but it could also be the circuit breaker. You need to get it checked.


2. Reduced Performance


If you’ve ever experienced issues with your electrical appliance, then you’ve probably got a bad circuit breaker. 

It could be your washing machine turning off mid-cycle, or your the oven failing to heat up properly, as it may be flickering on and off. 

Even one appliance issue has the potential to create a problem for the appliance. If it happens to more than one appliance then it’s probably your circuit breaker.


3. Regular Bulb Replacement

Light bulbs usually last longer compared to tube lights. If you’ve started replacing yours every few weeks then they are probably burning out. This may also be because they are overrated for the particular fixture. But, it is more likely that you have an issue with your circuit breaker. 

You need to get this sorted quickly as a failing circuit breaker or bad wiring can increase the risk of a fire. Not only will this damage your home, but it will also lower its property value.