Why You Need an Electrician in Dubai: 6 Reasons Why You Should Call Now

Why You Need an Electrician in Dubai: 6 Reasons Why You Should Call Now

May 03, 2023 in Blogs

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Electricity is one of the most important things that we use every day. Without it, our homes, offices, or commercial establishments would feel like they were in a different era and we would not be able to use any of our machines or appliances. Have you felt that just by switching your faulty garment steamer / electrical oven/washing machine ON the whole electricity of your house tripped? For this reason, it’s important that you always make sure that there is someone on hand who can help you when something goes wrong with your electricity supply.


Along with the rise of the digital age, home automation and smart technology have become increasingly popular across the world. If you are looking to upgrade your home with smart utilities and other high-tech amenities, then hiring an electrician in Dubai is a must. Why? Well, for starters, it’s a smart investment. Not only will upgrading your home help you save money on utility bills, but the new technology will also help you create value from your property. Unless you have space and time to do DIY projects, hiring an electrician in Dubai is a reliable way to bring modern upgrades into your home without having to spend hours upon hours in the nitty-gritty details of establishing wiring connections or working on electrical panels. 



Apart from this, in your day-to-day functioning, there could be some of these symptoms that you may be experiencing:


  • Lights flickering
  • Faulty appliances that don't work at all
  • Power cuts that only you are experiencing
  • Regular Tripping of MCBs

If you have any of these symptoms and you need an electrician, we can help. KNOX Technical Services has been in the business of providing excellent electrical services for almost 10 years. All of our electricians are qualified and trained in all types of electrical works to handle all sorts of electrical issues so you can be rest assured that you will get the best service.


Here are six good reasons why you should call now to get an electrician in Dubai:

You Want to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical System

One of the most common reasons why people call for an electrician in Dubai is to upgrade their homes’ electrical systems. In short, there are plenty of benefits to upgrading your home’s electrical system, and they range from better efficiency to lower energy bills. First and foremost, upgrading your home’s electrical system will help you save money on utility bills. As a matter of fact, you could see as much as 50% in savings from upgrading your home’s current wiring. Second, this new system will also result in better safety for your family and pets. There are less potential hazards with a smart home that has an upgraded electrical system because it uses power more efficiently and shuts off when it detects any faults or disturbances. Finally, the smart technology featured in these upgraded systems can help you create value from your property. It can give you the ability to control lights, blinds and appliances through remote controls using mobile apps or web-based software, which adds convenience and functionality to your home.


There’s a New Build on the Block

Dubai is a city constantly on the rise, and it’s no secret that the city is quickly becoming one of the globe’s most influential centers for modern living. Whether you want to enjoy the benefits of an upgraded home or upgrade your home as a business asset as you buy a new one, Dubai offers many opportunities for you to invest in smart utilities and other high-tech amenities. This means that professional electricians can help them get plug points for the same. If you need an electrician in Dubai, then now is the time to call!


You Want to Install Electrical Car Charging Plug Point at Home 

If you want your home to be equipped with the latest gear like energy-efficient automobiles such as TESLA or similar electrical cars, then hiring an electrician in Dubai is a must. Creating a special three phase power supply, by pulling the necessary electrical supply from your DB is what a professional electrician can do for your home. The new technology will not only help you make use of your property but also help maximize its value as well. 


It’s Mandatory in New Construction Projects

In Dubai, you’ll need to have an electrician on hand if you are planning on building a new home or expanding your existing home. If you want to join the construction boom and make sure that your property will be completed on time, then you’ll need to hire an electrician in Dubai right away. Why? It’s mandatory for every project in Dubai because there are some very specific rules that govern what happens during construction. For example, there is a set number of electrical outlets in each room and a limit as to how many amps an outlet can handle. There are also specific rules over when certain appliances can be used, so if you don't have the knowledge or experience to know these limitations, it's best to call your electrician in Dubai as soon as possible.


You Need Help Installing LED Bulbs and other Light Fixtures

If you are planning on installing LED bulbs or other such fixtures in your home, office or warehouse, then it’s a good idea to hire an electrician in Dubai. If you have any questions about where you should install the lights, or how many bulbs you need, then call now and let an expert take care of that for you.


Upgrading your existing infrastructure or Concealing your Existing Infrastructure

For many property owners, the decision to call an electrician to upgrade an existing electrical installation is not a difficult one unless they are sure of the best prices and quality of service. In fact, the decision to call an electrician might seem like a no-brainer if your DEWA bills are coming high due to faulty electrical systems like old HVACs, kitchen wiring, etc. There are simply too many reasons why you should hire a professional to handle an electrical installation or upgrade. Don’t put it off any longer, give us a call now!


Questions you should ask to an electrician

The questions that you ask an electrician can give you a good idea of their skills and how much knowledge they have in the field. This will also help you identify if they are well-trained and experienced enough to solve your problem. A good way to start is by asking, what is the problem? This will help them identify which area of expertise to focus on. The next question would be, how do I know if it is a wiring issue? You should also ask about their experience with your specific type of problem.



You'll be Happy You Called Today!

Electricians are skilled tradesmen who specialize in electrical installation, wiring, and repair. As well as knowing how to deal with power lines and other high-voltage equipment. In a place where you can never stop working, you need to find professionals who will make sure you work safely and without interruption. This is why it's important for everyone in Dubai to know at least one electrician. These are the people who will help you keep your property safe and in good condition while also ensuring that they comply with the set safety regulations. Call KNOX at 800-5669 or email us at info@knox.ae.