Top 10 Home/Office Renovation Services

Top 10 Home/Office Renovation Services

Moving is one of life’s most stressful experiences, and Change, one of the toughest. Once you’re finally overcome the renovation or home change, you’ll probably feel both relieved and exhausted. But there are a few very important things to take care of in order to protect your new home and get settled in comfortably.

Are you also wondering what all services you should take care of while moving to a new space or renovating your old? Then you are at the right place here, and read on as this topic has been especially written to help you. We know how special your new home is for you and so it is very important to any family or business who is remodelling, renovating, or is in the fit-out phase for a shop.

The property you bought can be newly built or an old pre-owned property, but mostly the services remain to be constant for any kind of property. Here we discuss top services you should feed your new property with, whether it is a shop, villa, apartment, or office.

  • Listing the top services essential for the your space:

  • 1. Annual Maintenance contracts (AMC)

Having your property covered under our Annual Maintenance Contracts gives you round the clock 24/7 365 days access to our team with an emergency* response time of 60 Minutes for any maintenance issue you may face. AMC assures you complete peace of mind. Companies offer tailored AMC packages to fit your various requirements being the owner or tenant of a property.

  • 2. Snagging services:

One of the best experiences and happiest moments in life is moving to your newly-built home, office, or shop. But this happiness can fade off immediately once you notice the snags due to poor workmanship. Reporting to the house owner/agent can be time consuming for you to deal with but hiring a specialist who knows the ins and outs of snagging can help reduce the stress. Inspection can be done for you immediately and a favorable deal for you will be worked out. Something that is broken or damaged, looks unfinished, or not fitted properly can be fixed and make sure you get only the top notch service.

  • 3. Electrical Services:

Electrical services are the most important services one should definitely take care of. Electrical fittings are a very integral aspect of home utility and safety. If done effectively and by a knowledgeable handyman, then they help save you power, keep your home free from fire hazards, and also ensure that your other costly electrical/electronic equipment has a longer life. To be safe from fatal accidents, leave it to professionals in today’s stressful and fast-paced environment.

  • 4. Plumbing Services:

Plumbing is something which requires an ample amount of concentration and knowledge to win the task. Plumbing includes repairing visible broken pipes, repairing the overflowing toilets, rectification of water pressure, clear clogged waste pipes, fix drainage blocks in showers and sinks etc. That’s why we say leave it to the experts as these things create larger problems if not handled properly when the first issue surfaces.

  • 5. Painting Services:

Colours are important to give new texture to the space it’s also a major deciding factor to set a mood and a character to the residential or commercial unit. Experienced painters can add wonders to lifeless colourless walls, Who can paint your style. An experienced company can undertake all sorts of painting jobs ranging from minor touch up, to full room internal / external painting, painting of wooden doors, pergolas, Gazebos etc. We have appropriate solutions for your house/office/shop painting needs while living in or vacant. We offer competitive prices with our unique ideas to provide interior and exterior quality painting.

  • 6. Cleaning Services:

Cleaning services require to use a wide variety of cleaning methods, chemicals, and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process. The facilities management company can be offering cleaning services for your

  • 1. Offices
  • 2. Shops
  • 3. Medical facilities
  • 4. Government facilities
  • 5. Factories
  • 6. Restaurants
  • 7. Warehouses
  • 8. Airports
  • 9. Showrooms

Whether you are a move-in or move-out, a new purchase, you need a professional company who provides specialised cleaning services which includes Water tank cleaning, Bathrooms, Window Cleaning, Bedrooms & Living Rooms, Paveyard Cleaning, Facade Washing, Kitchen Cleaning, Carpet, Post construction, COVID sanitization, or some of these services you want to be done Еxpress, you will need a technical services company. Who uses the latest methods of cleaning, disinfection techniques, and modern disinfection chemicals is imperative to ensure a superior level of long-lasting, and effective hygiene.

  • 7. Pest Control Service:

Family, employees, consumer, and a guest, everyone in the neighborhood want to get rid of pest problems like a cockroach, bedbug, flies, mosquitoes, rats, mice, bee, wasps, spider, snake, and also termite problems in a well-organized way as a solution for all these problems. Pests around make you so uncomfortable and worried. There are many products in the market ensuring pest free homes, but guess they all lack the professional expertise, that’s why you need a professional services company here. I will suggest opt for a professional company that can solve your problem.

  • 8. Air Conditioning Maintenance:

Staying in a country like UAE where we have sunshine throughout the year, isn’t air conditioning top of your main list in your servicing? Can you stay without an air conditioner bearing this hot and sometimes humid climate? Unlike other services, air conditioners also need maintenance for a smooth air flow. With the regular maintenance and expert guidance your air conditioner will work more efficiently and live a long life. AC specialist team can cover every aspect of AC installation, repair, and maintenance. Before moving to a new space or after moving, this is one of the essential servicing you should never miss on. Dirty coils can lead to low air flow and huge utility bills. And it can also reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. As dirt inevitably accumulates on the AC coils, it adds a layer on top of the coils that makes it harder to transfer and absorb heat. As a result, your system will have to work increasingly harder, and use a lot more energy, to keep your home cool.

  • 9. Masonry Services:

Construction, Demolition, Fixing and Repair services whether in commercial and residential units, you need experts even if the work is of small nature. Masonry Services in Dubai can include these or more services that should be covered in need-

  • 1. Installation of floor & wall tiles.
  • 2. Re-grouting.
  • 3. Interlock tiling.
  • 4. Plaster services.
  • 5. Waterproofing.
  • 6. Swimming pool tiles replacement.
  • 7. RCC walls & partitions.

Apart from considering the quality of the masonry work, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery of the projects is very important. You also need someone in the industry who has been there for a long time hence they can offer packages with highly competitive pricing. Bearing in mind that one should always have a set of valuable and high standards.

  • 10. Carpentry Services:

Your house is more than just bricks and mortar. WIth specialized carpentry services you can unlock the potential of your home, office, shop, or villa, creating spaces that redefine design, while complementing your lifestyle.

With key principles of elegance, simplicity and clarity, quality carpentry work can create a wow value for your property. Every aspect of your move-in or renovation has to be meticulously planned, and each detail highlights our commitment to quality. Get your space a totally new look with newly installed doors, windows etc. It’s imperative to get new windows and doors to be fitted and installed properly to avoid any damage. All kinds of UPVC, Carpentry, aluminium and glass doors/windows, from a small hinge to a whole new partition can be taken care by a professional company.

Knox Services are one stop shop for all your problems. KNOX Technical Services LLC has emerged as one of the leading, and innovative maintenance service providers in the Emirate of Dubai. We are just one click away in UAE for the best services. Get in touch with us today!

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